SIgns & Slogans

Signs (and other written materials) that caught my eye or made me laugh.  I will keep adding to this page as I find other examples.

Obama pens!


A friend in the southern city of Korca found this package of napkins in a local store..


It’s common to see slogans on t-shirts that don’t quite make sense or that convey an unintended meaning.  This one does both.
In Kavaja…


I saw this bottle of cooking oil in a small restaurant in Split, Croatia…


On the ground floor of a large apartment complex near my house.


Take a close look at this bag from a gift shop.


“Sibuej” is pronounced “Subway” in Albanian.  Note the arrow on the S.


A dental clinic on my street.


No longer in business, but I hear there are other outlets in other cities.


4 thoughts

  1. Sue,

    Thanks for sharing. From prior posts I had inferred that the language was not anglicized, but maybe I am wrong; alternatively, maybe more of our language is derived from the Albanian language! Gather all is well if you are smiling and laughing.



    1. The language uses the Roman alphabet, but some letters are pronounced differently (eg, “j” is pronounced like “y”; “c” is pronounced like “ts”) and some letters are combinations of letters (eg, “gj” is like the “g” in “george”; there’s an “sh” etc).


    1. Have I got a surprise for you (and the others)!! Yes, the AFC place is gone, but what has replaced it may be the best pizza in all of Tirana, if not Albania. I am going there tomorrow night to check out if it’s the same pizza I had at an event last week. If so, I planned to post the info to our FB page. Stay tuned…


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